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24 Hour Juice Cleanse/Detox Review | Blueprint Cleanse


Blueprint juices, sold at Whole Foods

Blueprint juices, sold at Whole Foods

Ok so after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve, I felt gross.  It’s not that I really ate gluttonous, because I really can’t anymore due to my gluten allergy, but I just wasn’t exercising like I typically do, and definitely wasn’t eating right.  I just needed to flush out the crap – literally.  I took to researching cleanses online that fit 2 criteria:

1. Didn’t cost a fortune (read: more than $100… hey, I’m in grad school and paying for a wedding here)

2. Was easily accessible (read: I needed it instantly and didn’t want to wait for shipping)

I went right to Google and typed in: Whole Foods (the home of all things healthy, right?) Cleanse.  The Blueprint juices came up immediately as being available in the store! Score!  The typical Blueprint 3 day cleanse is sold online for about $260 with shipping.  If I can just buy them at Whole Foods and save shipping, I’m already winning.

But I didn’t want to go all out and starve for 3 days.  I never did a cleanse before and I like eating.  I figured I’d try just 24 hours first and see how it goes.  I found all the juices you get in the cleanse at Whole Foods, and for 1 day it came to $54.  WOO! So even if I wanted the whole 3 days, it would still save me $100… ($54 x 3).

DISCLAIMER:  I did this cleanse to pump myself up with fruits and veggies and flush out my system/detox.  My goal was never to lose weight.  If weight was lost, it was just an added side effect.  This also totaled a little over 1,000 calories… which for my height, 5’3″ and current weight, was low, but not so low I would be ill.

Here’s the play by-play of my day on the juices and my final check in the next morning:

First, I did this on a Sunday where I had nothing to do… thus, I was naturally using fewer calories and shouldn’t be as hungry or tired. Also, I ended up waking up 1.5 hours later than I planned, so all of the juices were drunk 1.5 hours after the bottles in the picture denote.

10:30 – kale/apple/ginger/romaine/etc … very green smoothie-like… tasted just like the Evolution juices at Starbucks. Very easy to make at home. I also drank 2 cups of black tea. I usually have 2 cups of black tea in the mornings anyway.

1pm – lime/ginger/lemon/agave… tastes just like a lemonade with a smidge of ginger. Yummy. I was a bit hungry right before I drank this. On a scale of 1-10, I was probably a 5.5 in hungriness. I also had 1 cup chamomile tea to help me stay full.

3pm – cashew/vanilla/etc…  I thought it would be sweet and creamy like a milkshake.  It tastes like cashew water lol.  It has a mild aftertaste of maybe pure coconut water if that makes sense. Not creamy at all. Not as good as I thought it would be… definitely not my favorite, but if it fills me up more since it has the most calories, than that’s good with me! I was a little tempted to eat real food now… but not really hungry when I think about it. Maybe like a 3.5, but it’s definitely just mental; I wanted something to eat in my mouth… but my belly is not growling or anything. I also drank 1 cup of water.

***My Whole Foods didn’t have the beet/apple one that I should have had. I subbed for the other (smaller bottle) kale one***

4:30pm – kale/apple/lemon. The cashew drink took me about an hour to drink because I really hated it, so before I knew it was time for this next drink! I was not hungry yet at all. This one may be rivaling the lime ginger lemon one from 1pm as a favorite. It’s less green-tasting then the morning one, and you can definitely taste the apple so much more. It’s almost like a very tangy apple juice! I am not at all feeling hungry right now and I just have been peeing a lot.  I don’t feel tired or cranky or anything. So this is going well, so far.

5:30 – making dinner for my fiancé sucked lol. I was making these delicious enchilada stuffed peppers and it wasn’t too bad until I added the shredded cheese and I literally was dying. I am not HUNGRY, exactly, but I just wanted to try so bad! I am almost to my next juice at 6pm!!!! I had another cup of water to try to shut up my brain/tummy.

6pm – lemon/cayenne/agave… tastes a lot like the 1p lime ginger lemon agave, but less tart and a mild spicy aftertaste. It’s nothing that makes you need to drink water, but it’s interesting. Definitely tastes a lot more like a traditional lemonade.  I can enjoy this while I watch the delicious enchilada stuffed peppers bubble in the oven… le sigh.

7:30pm – pineapple/apple/mint… I was getting munchy again now. But, as usual, nothing dramatic and no tummy noises. Like a 4.5 out of 10.  I just missed actually eating food more than anything. No headaches or crankiness.  This is probably the best juice… of course b/c it has a LOT of sugar in it haha.  But I am glad I saved it for my last of the day!  It tastes exactly like it says… pineapple, apple, mint.  No other way to cut it.  You taste pineapple mostly, with a bit of tang from the apple and an aftertaste of the mint. It’s good!

Taking a shower and self tanning right after this to keep me busy, then right to bed I’m going to go so I don’t get hungry again. I’ll probably drink 1 cup of chamomile tea because I always do that before bed, anyway. I am totally eating those stuffed peppers tomorrow… maybe even for breakfast haha. But I will weigh myself in the morning and see if this really did anything. I’m not anticipating that it did, but it was good to just flush my system out for 24 hours and imbibe lots of fruits and veggies.

2:30am – woke up with an acid-like feeling in my belly.  I needed to eat something or I was going to throw up.  I ran downstairs and devoured three rice cakes and laid down on the floor. I was not feeling awesome. So much for not eating anything! Whatever, I needed to eat. I felt so much better after the rice cakes. I went back to bed assuming the worst when I would wake up and step on the scale.

Next day, 8am – woke up and weighed myself – lost a full 3 lbs in 24 hours!  Granted, you have to assume this is water weight, but my stomach was flatter and leaner looking and I felt really good.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?  Yes, but I would let myself have a piece of toast before bed.
WOULD I DO THE FULL 3 DAYS?  Yes, but I would have to eat something… whether that meant having a salad for dinner each day or having toast/peanut butter before bed… I need to add something solid in my stomach, personally.
WOULD I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND:  Yes, in moderation and with realistic expectations.

Have any questions? Let me know!

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3 thoughts on “24 Hour Juice Cleanse/Detox Review | Blueprint Cleanse

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been thinking about trying a cleanse for a while now but get so nervous about lack of protein, plus cost is always a huge concern. This was helpful!

  2. I’ve been thinking of you because I’ve spent the last 48 hours in an obsessive search to completely overhaul and revamp my makeup bag…. scouring blogs and making list of the “best of” categories for foundation, powder, gel eyeliner, mascara, etc etc etc and then scouring again to find the best dupes because I’m balling on a budget. I thought you would appreciate the process, LOL! In the end it seemed like the best/cheapest dupes were from ELF, so I put $100 worth of stuff in my cart and then got a primer, foundation and pressed powder from Korres because I’d rather have very natural makeup as the base layer on my skin and I’m less fussed by synthetic makeup for eyeshadows and blushes. I’ve also been pretty obsessed with youtube makeup tutorials — I feel like I never learned all of these “girl” things when I was growing up, instead I read books and did science experiments…. but now that I’ve got that down I feel like it’s time to learn how to actually do my own makeup. Questions: 1. do you have a favorite(s) youtube beauty vlogger? 2. any thoughts on a best foundation for photography/video/flash photography?

    Hope you’re doing well and not too stressed out with wedding plans!! XOXOXOX

    • The fact that it’s taken me this long to reply to you should serve as a clue that wedding planning is crazy! haha. anyway… i got such a chuckle when I first read your comment!! ELF’s studio line of brushes (all black ones) are pretty great. I can’t really attest to their makeup, as I’ve had bad luck with most of it (although the blush/bronzer duos in the studio line are ok). How’s the Korres stuff working out for you? I always eyed it at Sephora, but never purchased anything.

      My favorite (most genuine and/or best makeup applying skills) are: MakeupGeek, MakeupByTiffanyD (she’s probably best for you… blonde/blue eyes/fair skin), Jaclyn Hill, Casey Holmes, Beauty Broadcast.

      Best foundation for photography: I have a few… depending if your skin is oil/combo/dry…. if you’re oily: Estee Lauder Double Wear, NARS Sheer Glow, Urban Decay Naked Skin. If you’re dry: Make Up For Ever HD.

      Hope all is well and you and Milo are livin the dream! xo

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