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24 Hour Juice Cleanse/Detox Review | Blueprint Cleanse

Blueprint juices, sold at Whole Foods

Blueprint juices, sold at Whole Foods

Ok so after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve, I felt gross.  It’s not that I really ate gluttonous, because I really can’t anymore due to my gluten allergy, but I just wasn’t exercising like I typically do, and definitely wasn’t eating right.  I just needed to flush out the crap – literally.  I took to researching cleanses online that fit 2 criteria:

1. Didn’t cost a fortune (read: more than $100… hey, I’m in grad school and paying for a wedding here)

2. Was easily accessible (read: I needed it instantly and didn’t want to wait for shipping)

I went right to Google and typed in: Whole Foods (the home of all things healthy, right?) Cleanse.  The Blueprint juices came up immediately as being available in the store! Score!  The typical Blueprint 3 day cleanse is sold online for about $260 with shipping.  If I can just buy them at Whole Foods and save shipping, I’m already winning.

But I didn’t want to go all out and starve for 3 days.  I never did a cleanse before and I like eating.  I figured I’d try just 24 hours first and see how it goes.  I found all the juices you get in the cleanse at Whole Foods, and for 1 day it came to $54.  WOO! So even if I wanted the whole 3 days, it would still save me $100… ($54 x 3).

DISCLAIMER:  I did this cleanse to pump myself up with fruits and veggies and flush out my system/detox.  My goal was never to lose weight.  If weight was lost, it was just an added side effect.  This also totaled a little over 1,000 calories… which for my height, 5’3″ and current weight, was low, but not so low I would be ill.

Here’s the play by-play of my day on the juices and my final check in the next morning:

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Top 5 Budget Holiday Beauty Gifts

So many people ask me for suggestions for a replacement eyeliner, a new mascara, best blush, etc.  I always try to recommend 2-3 options and include one budget find that is right on par with the high end brand.

With that said, there’s been a few new favorites I’ve been using lately that has truly changed my beauty routine(s).  I highly suggest checking them out for yourself OR gifting someone you love!  Most are under $10… none are over $25.

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Feeling bloated this holiday season? Try these foods!

After struggling for years with what I called a “food baby,” I know the feeling of bloat all too well.  I’ve researched from other health professionals and tried these myself. If you are feeling a bit puffy this holiday season, here’s a list of tried-and-true (and gluten free!) snacks I like to detox with the following 1-2 days after a family feast… and some things to 100% avoid if you don’t want to look like this guy:


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Bring on the men!

I have been transformed and converted by and to Pure Barre.  It is not only the greatest workout for a female’s body (in my opinion), but it’s fun, inspiring and motivational.  Plus, it really kicks your ass and is addicting in the best way (more on that for another post)…

My fiance laughs at me when I tell him how hard my workouts are at Pure Barre.  He called it, “lady aerobics,” “ballet shit,” and just generally, for girls.


Until my local studio hosted a “Bring on the Men” class.  Basically, an opportunity for the ladies who attend class to bring their significant others, brothers , husbands, male friends, etc. I brought my fiance.

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Review: CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua {love}

Rating: 5 of 5

PROS:  This was a foundation I never thought I’d like. First, Chanel pretty much equals millions of dollars, right?  Second, it has the word “Aqua” in it… which basically means watery/thin.  Why would I bother spending millions of dollars on something that’s going to be so sheer it’s barely there?  Here’s why:

before after_chanel


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Product Alert! {Prime} Style Extender…

Hello world! It is me, the elusive Steffanie.  Whoever said going to graduate school, working fulltime and planning a wedding would be a cinch was akin to a miracle worker… because I am missing my blogosphere!

With that said, this product has been burning on my mind to tell you all about… especially if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like washing her hair every single day (no one should!), but hate the feel of dry shampoo (who actually likes that?)…


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Gluten free. It’s not just a fad diet, people.

About six months ago, I was diagnosed with a non celiac gluten sensitivity… aka, I am allergic to gluten.  This stems from my two auto immune thyroid diseases – Grave’s AND Hashimoto’s.

So I eliminated 99% of gluten from my diet.  And my tummy has never felt better.  I used to constantly have stomach aches and thought it was nerves or anxiety… sometimes to the point that I would pass out or throw up in random public places – the city bus, on city sidewalks… I even passed out getting off the bus and ended up in the E.R. with four stitches in my face one time.  I attribute all those past ‘issues’ that were initially said to be due to anxiety to… my love for glutenous foods.  I am latin and italian.  Bread is pretty much synonymous with happiness.

However, that had to change.  I’ve adapted and found easy solutions to making this lifestyle change.  Yes, the gluten free breads aren’t as great and everything is so much more expensive… but when I think back to the horrible stomach pains and terrible bloating I’d get, it’s totally worth it.

But the biggest challenge is going out to eat.

DISCLAIMER:  The following is a rant that can be applied to anyone who deals with food allergies – whether they be dairy, nut, shellfish, fruit, etc.  I feel your pain.

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